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3rd Update:Saleh Kazemi’s Sister (Sahel) Talks About Steve McNair, Wife & Wedding


The sister of Saleh Kazemi (Soheyla Kazemi) , talks about her relationship with former NFL player Steve McNair, wife and wedding plans. The victim’s sister, Soheyla Kazemi, says her sister expected McNair to get a divorce. “She said they were planning to get married.”

More photos of Saleh have surfaced. Peep the pics below!




Saleh Kazemi escalade

The Escalade Steve Mcnair bought her.
Stay tuned for more photos!

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43 thoughts on “3rd Update:Saleh Kazemi’s Sister (Sahel) Talks About Steve McNair, Wife & Wedding

  1. After reading through most of the comments I felt compelled to share my thoughts about the tragedy, but more about the state of mind that most people who expressed their opinion are in. First of all, it DOES NOT MATTER what steve was doing with michele, that situation is completely irrelevant. why? because we don’t know who any of these individuals are. Western culture has a sick obsession with celebrities, athletes, or any individual that the media has deemed “important”. Beyond a shadow of doubt, I am positive that no one, including myself has met the individuals involved in this tragedy.

    It is our duty as human beings to first feel gratitude that our personal lives are not splattered across the United States for everyone to know and make comments about. Steve’s wife and children will be forever haunted by this issue. This has nothing to do with race people. We are all connected because we were created from the same source. Many people refer to this source as God, and if you don’t thats okay. The most important thing to realize is that every human being is connected, it doesnt appear that way because we are seperated by race, class, socio-economic status,etc. Don’t be a victim of race. I am a dark-skinned woman, and I like white men, black men, puerto rican men, and any other race that has a person that I can connect with. Lets take a stand within ourselves and slowly disconnect with this celebrity infatuation. They are human beings just like us, and they deserve privacy.

  2. good im very glad that yall want to display mne talking about tupac because you know why he likes it when i talk about him and he has to cuss females out for talking mean and nasty to me about him because they are jealouse thank you i like this so if yall want to know talk to some singer who comes to upn 38

  3. I feel sorry for the wife and the devil is in control of all evil, It is going to be ok and i bet she is starting to be happy and god has bought her an new husband thank god if she has him yet. Im so happy that god said through an psychic who holds hands saying that I will have an relation ship with an man who stays busy and don’t worry it will come and he will become an man of god and guess what i was told that tupac is in to sprituality
    im going to be his wife and he is definitely in love go ahead people yall know his birtday try to see if he is and for machelle keep you head up and it will be ok for you

  4. Too many ballers cheat. It is more common with them then any other group. C. Bryant cheated with a hotel employee. If she had not been with a man prior to him he would be in a Colorado Prison.

    Big jock on the block that is what they want to be. Look at Michael Jordan he was out with women prior to a divorce from his wife. No respect whatsoever.

    I feel sorry for McNair but he did not make girlfriend happy. She was in debt, the car was not in her name and McNair and his male friend owned the love nest I mean condo. Who knows she might have been his personal pass around pack or #2 at the threesome party.

    Hopefully, men have learned a lesson from this. Keep your jock in your pants or it can end up six feet under.

  5. i’ve read the responses and like that of typical black people, no one has the sense to consider the facts-just to only repeat the white man’s responses. steve had moved out and was sharing a condo with a friend and when he wasn’t there, he was at his girlfriends rented apartment, so much so, that her neighbors thought he lived with her. he only went to his wife’s home to pick the kids up on weekends or to take them on vacation, not mechelle, the boys! mechelle didn’t know about the relationship because he wasn’t talking to her period. they are two country bumkins who were just existing, they paid a million, five for the house and to show how dumb they were or naive, they were trying to sell it for four million in the worst recession in history, before coming down to three million. and they will never get that either, nashville is the deep south, white people aren’t going to buy a black person’s home, no matter how popular he was. steve was a dumb country boy, he was broke and living from paycheck to paycheck. he was renting a condo and needed a roommate to afford it.. he co-signed for his 19 y/o girlfriend’s escalade, because he could’nt afford to pay cash, she was making the payments. he was living a double life and his lies caught up to him-he took advantage of a child, she never even finished high school. i move from miami to southern georgia, the black people here are dumb as rocks and the men will kill you over a white woman and the black women have slept with an aveage of 20 guys because the men are so flighty and the women so desperate. steve was taking his kids fishing on weekends and this little girl to vegas and the bahamas, just to get in her pants eventhough he couldn’t afford it. ultimately she was helping him and got in over her head and was about to lose everything she worked for-she was devastated. she had lied to her family, friends, co-workers, all for a broke drunk! when he came home drunk, again, she lost it. her white roommate moved out because she didn’t like him, leaving her with an apartment she couldn’t afford, she was desparate, considering having to move in with a drunk. nashville is the city, where last month the black guy went to prison for robbing someone, eventhough he has 29 kids from 17 black women and wasn’t paying child support. one of the baby’s mommas called the tom joyner show, admitting to having one kid from him and five kids in all, all with different fathers, and she’s only 23!!!!!!

  6. My advice to Mechelle
    1. Don’t fret too long- you are now a rich single woman without a lying cheating husband.
    2. You have a $3million home, hopefully a healthy life insurance policy, and hopefully have your husband’s retirement check.
    3. I do feel bad for you and your kids however, keep your head up and live a fabulous life- you deserve one! You can start over sistah- I’m rooting for you!

  7. Mechelle, God can see ur pain, He will help you thru this. I will continue to pray for you and your children.

    As far as all this race is concerned, it doesn’t matter what skin color we are. I don’t think it has anything to do with that. And for the Record, she was not white, she was from Arab decent.. Look it up.. you’ll see where that is..

    I am married to a black man and I’m Mexican and Lebanese.. It has nothing to do with his Money.. Cause We have struggled together in the beginning, but together with God’s help, We have made it through. You just fall in love.. It happens.. In every race. To God we are all one color!!!!

    God Bless you!!

  8. Like the saying “everything happens for a reason.” I can’t judge but I can speak the truth, and the truth is, it’s WRONG to cheat, lie, and play head games, especially married people! Also, Kazemi was 20 years old with a troubled past, which means her mental state wasn’t good, though to some she looked good physically or seemed to be ok. It is a lesson to learn, especially for married men! The next cake you see, and you really want it because it looks so good, first, take the time to cut it, to see what the inside is, it may help you in the long run, okay!

  9. Absolutely unjustifiable! She was a young and impressionable woman. Yes he was married but obviously wasn’t making plans to be with her, if so, why did she kill him? Something must have been stated that he wasn’t leaving his wife and yes his wife was BEAUTIFUL! MEN yal need to stop playing with these young womens’ minds. Men with wealth can play – at least they think they can. But in his case he paid dearly with his life!

  10. Many truly believed that is the young girl who did the shooting, I really don’t even though the evidence point out that she did. I believed they bot were a sleep and both he and her got shot in the head; and to make it look like a murder suicide they placed the gun into her left hand after he was dead shot him twice in the chest. It had to be someone who was very very close to him and had a key for the apartment. And why the only one who knew about the purchased of the pistol is the same one who found both of them dead he already knew they were dead. Why not call for help??? And the he didn’t call 911, But took time to call another person for help. Even this young women made a bad mistake in sleeping around with a married man. She is not the first and never will be the last.. Did she really killed him and her self only God knows what really happened that night.. “KNOW THAT IF YOU ARE WITHOUT SIN THROW THE FIRST STONE AT THEM i GUARANTEE YOU THE STONE WILL COMEBACK BOUNCING IN YOUR FACE.. “PEACE” ‘LET GOD BE THE JUDGE OF THEM”

  11. Leah says:
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 5:30 am
    when are these black men going to learn.stay with youur own kind. if he had his stupid black a** at home with his wife and kids he would still be alive. i hate that all you stupid black men run to other race women as soon as you get money. are you saying a black woman is no longer good enough for you or they don’t look as good as other women. i think you black men are sick and have a personal hate for yourselves. did’t Oj teach him any thing

    No they will never learn. By the way most black men don’t want white women. My black male friends told me that they use them for freaky sex and when they decided to get married they marry a Black women.

    Not too many Black women around the Entertainment Industry that want to date these kind of men. Thet know it would be a nightmare on elm street.



  12. I agree his wife was a beautiful woman. The 20 year old probably watch the Governors stuggle to get over his affair and when he said he will try to work it out with his wife. They also had 4 boys…she knew it was over. Too young to know that all men that are cheating on their wives say their going to divorce their wife and marry them…so so sad.

    My Prayers, Love and support goes out to his wife and Children.

    My husband cheated on me so I Divorced his ass. If I can be faithfull so can he but most men just don’t get caught until something like this happens.



    Michelle move your kids to another state and have a new life for yourself and the boys.

  13. I think black men date other races because of how the t.v. and media tells us what is beautiful, and that is exotic women. Secondly blame it on Willie Lynch!

  14. Tragic situation. Whatever color skin they have, adultery is wrong and murder is wrong. No one is above God and no one is above the law. He was at fault for the adultery and paid dearly. She was at fault for the murder and paid dearly. Because he had lots of money, he was drunk with the attitude that he could have whatever he wanted, a sexy lady on the side and a wife and kids at home. Worst of all in this case, the wife and kids are paying dearly now. Money cannot buy love or happiness.

  15. @Leah, why do race have to come into play. So what is it that all women who are non-black are crazy? He cheated on his wife period. So why you have to start with the racism stuff for real. SMH you really need help

    Leah says:
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 5:30 am
    when are these black men going to learn.stay with youur own kind. if he had his stupid black a** at home with his wife and kids he would still be alive. i hate that all you stupid black men run to other race women as soon as you get money. are you saying a black woman is no longer good enough for you or they don’t look as good as other women. i think you black men are sick and have a personal hate for yourselves. did’t Oj teach him any thing

  16. I am so upset at the comments being made. First we want to call this young woman a whore and slut and then say, “Mechelle stay strong and pray to God” how in the world could you use those names and God in the same sentence. God is not about name calling, He is about forgiveness, mercy and love. Secondly, hypocrites say they are fans of McNairs and how good of a person he was and that he was respectful to his wife. How? He had an open affair with another woman, bought her a car and a condo, with his name on it also. Where is the respect in that? And there is the possibility of another woman involved. We don’t know what went on in this marriage. There could have been problems with his wife as well as himself. They or one or the other allowed another party in their marriage. They were responsible for their marriage and who entered. Don’t place that blame on anyone else. It is not our responsibility to judge these individuals especially when we don’t even know the truth about the situation. Sure they got caught in a bad situation but their sin is no worse than anyone else’s. And if anyone sending comments is without sin, let him/her cast the first stone. All of you who have room to judge and call names check yourself you are letting the bitterness you have from your own situation come out. IN the words of the GREAT Michael Jackson, “Look at the man or woman in the mirror”!!!!!

  17. Race isn´t the issue here. I live in a country where more than 95% of people are white and by white I mean Caucasian. I´ve read that about 70% of all men here have cheated their wives/common-law-wives/girlfriends at least once. That´s just the way it is. Most men, if they get the chance will cheat. For men with money the temptation is greater. How many of you married men would turn down a really goodlooking girl with a great body if she tried to hit on you? And how many of you women know for sure your husband has never cheated on you? Stop living in an illusion, cause some day you might have to wake up from it.

    These two were human beings, fallible human beings. And at least she probably loved him genuinely. Maybe he had some feelings for him, but for men like him, public image is everything. This is sad and tragic. It´s not our place to judge.

  18. @Wheatbread.
    It is quite apparent that you are truly unaware of “Our” struggle. It is not that we are bigots, it is the fact that we are the ones who are there in the beginning (Like Madea says) “Cooking, and Cleanting.” and once they finally become the success that they dream about they forget as the Bible labels it.” Humble Beginnings” It is not us being racist or bigoted, hell we have ultimately learned to accept the fact that after we have loved, supported , enriched , worked hard for, and sacrificed, all of the sudden we are no longer good enough to reap the reward of our man. Someone else benefits from our labor. We are left with the proof of our love that would be his children, that we beg him to at the very least take an active role in. So I do not know if you are male or female, caucasian or african american, and quite frankly I really do not believe that it matters, what does matter is learn our pain, understand our hurt, then maybe you would not see comments such as “Leah’s” as racist, rather you would be able to hear the hurt of “Our Women” we are not the ones going around killing when they say it is over.. Although we would LOVE too however we simply keep it pushin.. so really think about it.. is all I am sayin

  19. Damn…its a shame what happened. I feel bad for the wife and kids.

    But why does it have to be a race issue? first of all she was Middle eastern. why is it “white woman” thing.

    The people who think that white women are a “trophy” make me sick. Women are Women. There are psycho ones in every race. the whole white women flock to black rich men, is played out. its 2009.

    Most of these people that make the racial comments were probably born before 1980. get with the times.

    if you are so bitter about a particular race, then move to a location other than america. this is a land to accept all people. leave bigitry out.

  20. It is so amazing the many post on here that try to justfy what Steve and his mistress were doing! It doesnt matter what the circumstances were, he had no business being with her, and for all of you who act like it was cool need to wake up! It sickens me the way her family makes it seem like this relationship was ok just because they were planning to get married. They sound like a bunch of moochers waiting for thier meal ticket. How dare they say “she had it made” as if they were happy for them having this blatant affair. Its sickning.
    I dont care what race she was, he had no business with her. Even if the mistress and her family had no respect for marriage, Steve should have had respect for his marriage. He should have been the one to put a stop to the affair. He was the one who had vowes to keep, so I blame him above everyone.

    That chick saw that house and how Steve and his family were living and actually thought she was gonna replace his wife and get everthing that the wife had worked for and built up. WRONG!! Steve must have told her that he WAS NOT leaving his wife for her and she shot him out of jealousy and rage. What a dumb bitch!
    Now look who will be sittin pretty, with more money (insurance settlement, sale of the house) than she will know what to do with..thats right his wife! Lesson learned to all bitches on the side… stay in your lane,if you want to be the other woman, then know your place and quit trying to take what doesnt belong to you. If you are not happy with the crumbs that your married boyfriend is throwing you, then get out of that relationship and find a man of your own so you can be the #1 woman. Just watch your back, cause what goes around comes around!


  22. @LEAH…damn honey it sounds like you’ve been dogged out before. Sounds like you tried to trap a high profile black man and it didnt quite work out like you thought it would. Maybe his wife was cheating on him. As far as black men not liking themselves, they are not the ones running around sporting fake hair, weaves and all that sh-t. Plus black women don’t stand by black men when they are broke…only after they strike it rich. That’s why Kanye and all these rappers are popular becasue they tell the truth about many, many black women.

  23. I read all of the posts and really can’t say I agree or disagree with any of them but I would like to leave a message for Mechelle.

    I have been married for 8 years and I can not even begin to imagine the pain that you are going through. As if the death of your life long partner and lover isn’t enough you are also dealing with his bad decisions and your poor children. I can’t even pretend that I can understand your pain but I do know that you have a big role to fill now. You have four boys and you have to raise those boys to be the best men possible and to honor and respect women while at the same time preserving the memory of their father who didn’t do those things. I wish you the best and will be praying for you. My heart aches for your pain.

  24. @Leah… re-read your words… You are bringing race into the whole thing. What if he was cheating with a black woman??? None of this would happen. Let’s just leave it at the man should not have been cheating with another woman.. Period, no need to blame her race.

  25. Mechelle,
    May God comfort you and your boys in the time of sadness. I can imagine how many questions you have that you will never have answers to and that must be hard. God has a plan for you and your boys…just wait and see. Love, Cindy

  26. Wow….I tell ya as being married for 18yrs now and husband out here doing the same thing with a woman 10yrs his senior. its wrong we all know of course. The kids suffer for selfishness on both mom and dad who chooses to go out here like that. I didnt marry to divorce I took those vows seriously. He must answer for his path of wrong doing if they had issues well turning to another for comfort instead of the one who created marriage its true with the Bible says the wages of sin it is death, to you, marriage & family..Mechelle hold on girl no divorce papers needed you are free from McNair sadly to say til his death…I’ve always been a fan of his..his dad left his mom with 4 boys and look how he left. God is in control of everything..He knew his beginning and his ending. 20 or 48 if they dont have a stable mindset oh well. She knew jus as all know if your married. Crzy no morals or fear of God….

  27. My heart goes out to Michelle and his four boys. I have no right to judge anyone. This did not have to happen. Lesson learned from this is to stay true to your spouse. kj

  28. Maybe McNair’s wife started cheating on him first? Maybe he tried relaxing with this chick to clear his mind. Well, she cleared his mind alright.

  29. To Michelle, may you find strength, peace and endurance in all of this. My heart goes out to you and the family. May the Lord continue to bless you.

  30. The ONLY people I feel sorry for are Steve’s wife and kids. That should be a testament to all cheaters…when you go outside your marriage, there’s no telling how you might end up. And the sad part about it is, he was bringing his family to that restaurant where he met her..the chick probably waited on his wife and kids which is reaaaal tacky. You reap what you sow.

  31. My words are for Mcnair wife,..-my dear, be strong, you are beautiful and lovely and you are the wife he feel respect for. Now you have to be strong for yr kids because they need you. Don’t judge Steve so hard, just remind him for his love to you, for the good moments and try to block all this nightmare. In my opinion he was telling her he never let you and that’s why he paid with his life….is sad but it was his choice to cheat on you with this crazy woman, who new from the begining he was marry /with a family so evrybody know she was a h….
    Be strong Mechelle darling,…you will be fine.and dont let anybody tell you other wise.

  32. when are these black men going to learn.stay with youur own kind. if he had his stupid black a** at home with his wife and kids he would still be alive. i hate that all you stupid black men run to other race women as soon as you get money. are you saying a black woman is no longer good enough for you or they don’t look as good as other women. i think you black men are sick and have a personal hate for yourselves. did’t Oj teach him any thing?

  33. that’s the problem with men, you can’t handle wealth so you have to be dogs and disrespect your wife and kids.mcnair took his wife to the restaurant where his oral sex home wrecker works…she is a S…, WHO cause another woman pain.i have no sympathy for nonoe of the two.Message to the WIFE,KEEP PRAYING and God will see you through and Bless you with a REAL HUSBAND….GOD BLESS!

  34. Men stop playing with these females mind, because everyone is not strong enough. If you don’t want your wives, then divorces these women and let them go on with their lives. Women have been used to long in this world and it needs to stop.

  35. it’s sad how men can tell a bunch of lies to women but in this case a girl who apparently at some point woke up,but in the proess mr.mcnair paid the ultimate price —his life. sad.

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