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Breaking News: Police Confirmed Sahel Kazemi Shot And Killed Steve Mcnair Before Turning The Gun On Herself



NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police confirmed Wednesday that ex-NFL star Steve McNair’s 20-year-old girlfriend killed him before turning the gun on herself.

Police earlier had labeled McNair’s death a homicide, but awaited further tests and investigation before saying for sure what happened. The conclusion was based on evidence at the crime scene and forensic tests that showed all five bullets came from Kazemi’s gun and showed gunpowder residue on her hands.

So What Led Up To All Of  This Going Down?

Here Are The Sequence Of Events:

1. Sahel Kazemi,a 20-year-old Iranian immigrant, began dating McNair about six months ago after they met at the restaurant where she works.They spent time and vacationed together.

2. On Thursday, McNair was in the escalade  he had bought for Kazemi when she was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

3. McNair posted her bail.

4. After bonding out, Sahel Kazemi  bought a handgun from an acquaintance.

5. Associates of Kazemi’s told investigators she was distraught in the days before her death. “There is evidence she was spinning out of control.”“She believed her relationship with Steve was unraveling reports said. Kazemi apparently believed McNair was having a relationship with another woman and told a co-worker at Dave & Buster’s restaurant Friday night that she was considering suicide. “She told friends her life was so messed up that she was going to end it all,”

6. Kazemi’s friends said she had apparently seen another woman recently leaving the condo McNair leased with a friend and followed her. She also had financial problems, including a roommate who was going to move out and leave her with a bigger rent payment.

7. McNair had returned to his condo early Saturday morning, where he was killed by Kazemi. Kazemi then turned the gun on herself.

8. His friend Wayne Neely discovered the bodies and called another friend, Robert Gaddy, who then called 911.

Investigators believed McNair was asleep because evidence showed he did not move or react before the first shot.


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5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Police Confirmed Sahel Kazemi Shot And Killed Steve Mcnair Before Turning The Gun On Herself

  1. I don’t know why people are even on McNair’s side, f* him and the rest of those cheating bastards! He played with fire and got burned, and unfortunatly for him, he messed wit the wrong chick! Maybe the rest of you man whores will wise up, love the girl u have and stop messing around with these hoes!

  2. why does everyone keep referring to her as iranian…who cares??????really. its not a matter of natationality you small minded wits. its an older married man that was dumb enough to play around with a young inexperienced child. she is pathetic for taking his life, he is pathetic for messing around with a child.he didnt deserve to die…that is without question…but for all men in their 30s…dont mess with little girls they dont have enough maturity to handle life…

  3. I wonder if this crazy nut was even a citizen? I feel bad for his wife and kids, but he was a player, told this nut exactly what she wanted to hear and what he had to tell her to gt what he wanted, the sad thing is he played a crazy Iranian chick.

  4. Why couldn’t this crazy witch just have killed herself and left Steve out of it. She got herself into that mess…she had no one to blame, but herself. She’s one of those whiny, weak, selfish people who think everyone else is to blame for her own short-comings. RIP Steve

  5. Now four boys don’t have a father because he had to play around with a nut and she thought she was the only one please. Ms McNair is the only one. She was rich before he met the girl and is still rich after she killed him

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