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Bill O’Reilly Vs. Al Sharpton Debate Michael Jackson Coverage


Reverend Al Sharpton appeared on the “O’Reilly Factor” the day after the Michael Jackson’s memorial and calls Rep. Peter King “reckless and totally irresponsible”. He adds that such a statement is like saying Dick Cheney shoots people when he goes hunting.

O’Reilly later asks Sharpton how the King of Pop can be “an African American icon” when a white women had his children.

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4 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Vs. Al Sharpton Debate Michael Jackson Coverage

  1. Mr. O’Reilly is his own biggest fan, in other words; he enjoys listening to himself and nobody else. This is why Rev. Sharpton wasn’t able to finish his sentences. By the way, what qualifies Mr. O’Reilly to speak as to who should be classified as an African icon, when it isn’t one.
    As African American’s we are fully capable of determining who we consider and icon, and Michael Jackson is an American, African American, and World icon, no matter what personal choices he made or the color of his children.
    Angelina Jolie has black adopted children; I guess that means she is not a world famous celebrity and the highest paid one at that. MTV, Rolling stone not important, no Mr. O’Reilly you are not a Factor!

  2. I think Mr. O’Reilly was rude to Mr. Sharpton, didn’t even let the man finish a sentence. It appeared to me that Mr. O’Reilly didn’t want to listen to Mr. Sharpton’s facts or opinions. I am white, middle aged, female and from the deep South, so this is not racial and Mr. O’Reilly does not represent the people’s opinion.
    Thank you.

  3. Bill O’Reilly really gets under my skin. I don’t know who died and made him Lord over the media. When he speaks, he sounds as if he is representing a large group of people, when in fact he does not. He goes out and find other people who share his views and has them as a guest on his show. I thought that it was very interesting that he used OJ as a comparison to Micheal Jackson. OJ is synonomous with GUILTY. He needs to chill out.

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