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NBA: Michael Jordan’s Girlfriend Model Yvette Prieto




Meet Yvette Prieto, the current girlfriend of NBA legend Michael Jordan. Yvette is a 30 year old, Cuba-born, Miami-raised model working at her father’s company. Prieto is a very famous fashion model in her country. She started out doing some small-time commercials before hitting on to the bikini calendars and other beach photo shoots.

Before dating Jordan, Yvette was romantically involved with Julio Iglesias Jr, the son of famed Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, in 2001.  Before dating Yvette, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy for seventeen years before their divorce was finalized in 2006.


Their relationship was first reported last summer in March 2008 when they were seen having dinner together at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. According to several reports,they are planning on getting married.

Recently, Yvette and Michael bought a house in sub-urban Miami for $281,000. Jordan and Prieto took out a $196,000, 30-year mortgage on the house, according to public records. Speculation is, the couple took out the $196,000 mortgage because Prieto filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002. Peep the photo below of the house the couple bought in Miami.


Built in 1996, the couple’s new house has three bedrooms and two baths (according to public records) and sits on a 0.13-acre (5,560-square-foot) lot, according to public records. According to public records, the house measures around 2,517 square feet.

Here are some more pictures of  Yvette and Michael with a group of friends celebrating Yvette`s birthday at a restaurant in Miami, FL.




Here are some more pictures of  singer Tyrese, Michael , and Yvette visiting the Grand Gala Suite at the 135th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 2, 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky.



Prior to dating Yvette and while married to ex-wife Juanita, there were previous rumors of Jordan having affairs with Lisa Micelli and Karla Knafel.

According to several reports, Karla began her affair with Michael Jordan in December 1989. She was a singer in a band that performed in a hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. NBA referee Eddie Rush told Karla that he knew Michael Jordan and that he was in town to play the Indiana Pacers. Rush called Jordan and Karla and Michael talked on the phone. Knafel became pregnant during the affair and she claims that Jordan “demanded that she abort the baby”. She refused.

Peep the photo below of a younger Jordan and Karla.


Fast forward all the way to 2002, Knafel filed a $5 million lawsuit against Jordan saying that he promised to pay her in hush money about the affair. Knafel also filed a paternity test.Knafel and Jordan fought it out in court. In December 2002, Jordan won the court decision because he claimed that Knafel was trying to extort money from him and DNA test results proved Jordan was not the father.

Here is a 2002 photo below of  a much older Karla and Jordan during the time they were fighting it out in court.


Now meet Lisa Miceli, another woman who filed 3 paternity suits against Jordan, which again proved that he was not the father of her 4 year old child at the time.

Peep the the 2008 photo of Lisa during an injuction hearing for her to stay away from Jordan.


After divorcing ex-wife Juanita and before meeting  Yvette Prieto, Jordan was photo’d out at a club getting his “grind on” with 2 women. Peep the photo below!


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109 thoughts on “NBA: Michael Jordan’s Girlfriend Model Yvette Prieto

  1. I’ve looked at this site. Not all the Black Men here have non-black wives. I think it’s your environment that dictates who you end up with. Many Black Men are forced into a world were, most of the women around them will not be black, so it’s a numbers game.

    I think how you act and look together is a better indicator. Some of these men need fashion consultants really bad. They look really dated when married to such pretty women. It gives of this Sugar Daddy/Gold Digger vibe.

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    As an African-American woman I want to say I’m not opposed to interracial dating and marriage but I’ve very concerned about how so many African-American men seem to have deep-seated hate for their own women.
    No other race of men (publically) puts down their women the way so many black men do. It’s in the music (bit… and “hoe”,) it’s in the culture and, if you just read the notes here, you can see it’s all over social media.
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  7. I am a big fan of Michael Jordon but Michael we as black people need to know when to draw the line. Now always remember the bridge that brought u thru, cause if u was a nobody think about it, those women would not look at u twice. I want our black men to remember always keep the woman u had when u didnt have shit.

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