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Rapper Birdman Says “Lil Wayne” Is Lyrically Better & Makes More Money Than Jay-Z

WARNING: Video contains explicit language (NSFW)


After hearing Birdman’ s claim, we researched Jay Z’s net worth for 2009, and he is worth 150 million. He is the 17th most weaththy black american. As far as Birdman’s net worth, there is not enough accurate data available to compare. Some sources say his net worth is between 150 – 300 million.

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6 thoughts on “Rapper Birdman Says “Lil Wayne” Is Lyrically Better & Makes More Money Than Jay-Z

  1. Birdman…First off Southern Rappers cant F’ck with New York rappers Lyrically Ever. Northern rappers tell a story that makes so much Sense AND it Rhymes And Its gonna have a dope beat altogether. Southern rappers got theyre own style but lyrically….NO COMPARISON.

  2. Weezy Lyrically better than Jay-NOT IN A MILLION YEARS…Birdmans not listening to the say Jigga the rest of us are, thats for Sho’!!!.

  3. maybe HIV or AIDS is not in America, Wayne we would hate to lose you so young you a avery talented artist dont let us down use condoms, money,fame is the root of all evil things women will surround you like flies be a role model to you daughter.

  4. Instead of him focussing on who makes more money why cant he give productive advise to Lil Wayne going around sleeping with every single women he doesnt care about Wayne he is only concerned about benefiting from Waynes work shame on you birdman

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