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Tikki Barber & Mistress Traci Lynn Johnson Photo’d At Newark Airport!



An amateur photographer snapped this picture of Tikki barber and Traci Lynn Johnson at Newark Airport in December 2008 as Tiki headed to a Dallas-Giants game.

According to the NEWYORKPOST,

“A source who knew Traci Johnson at Mount St. Mary College in upstate Newburgh said that Barber won her heart more than two years ago — and that the former star running back isn’t shy about lavishing her with gifts. “On her 21st birthday, he sent her 21 dozen roses to her dorm. He also gave her a diamond and sapphire bracelet,” the source said. “At this point, she had a boyfriend, and told him that she and Tiki were ‘just friends,’ but nobody bought it. “He gave her and her friends [Giants] jerseys for them to dress up in on Halloween . . . He would shower her with designer handbags and expensive clothes.”

The source said “he came to the school, and she introduced him to her friends. “At first, we thought he was a nice, sweet guy. Really warm and friendly. “But once we realized what was going on, we were disgusted. We never expected him to be so disrespectful to his wife. “One night, he sneaked into her dorm and stayed over the night,” the source said. “The next day, Traci didn’t want to let him out of her room to use the bathroom because she was worried someone would see him and catch them. “Traci said that she didn’t expect him to leave his wife, and that [Ginny] was so pretty.” Another former college classmate of Johnson said, “She was not shy about their relationship. She also used to tote around the little white dog that he bought for her,” that source said.”

Photo Credit: Davin Dubois

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4 thoughts on “Tikki Barber & Mistress Traci Lynn Johnson Photo’d At Newark Airport!

  1. Whos talking about black men who “strategically” seek women outside of their race? Is that something you snuck in to make it seem like you werent the judgmental person you come off as?

    I applaud your false confidence but black women without inferiority complexes for white women dont come out and concoct explanations for interracial relationships including people they dont know personally. Nor do they spout teeth sucking insults because they cant stand that a white women could be complimented for her looks. We dont all live in the backwards bible belt. Theres plenty of interracial relationships not worthy of your insulting claim that a “blonde bombshell” woul’dnt touch them if they werent rich. But then again, this isnt about reality, this is about you doing the only thing you know how when you see black men that dont feel obligated to date you, you bitch and moan just as you did on this blog.

    As much as you’d like to think youre some kind of afrocentric intellectual , youre still the typical insecure hater that hides behind the fact that society thinks its still politically incorrect to call out bigoted black women like yourself. Instead, smart, eclectic black men simply ignore you.

  2. Inconvenient Truth,

    Did I strike a nerve? I’m honest not predjudice. It is my belief that wealthy Black men who strategically seek women outside of their race, are really seeking validation. I think they secretly loathe who they are and they think a blonde and a “whip” gives them a stamp of approval. Newsflash – it doesn’t! Apparently, you aren’t paying attention. We haven’t even addressed the so called “unattractive”. So let’s! Tiki happens to be attractive…this is not the case for many of these guys. These so-called “blonde bombshells” would not spit on them if they were on fire if a check book were not attached to the deal. So don’t give me any mess about black women not being “attractive, interesting, kind or eclectic enough.” Come hard or go home!

  3. First of all, your Its your duty to give a man a reason to want to “rescue” you. if youre not attractive, kind, eclectic or interesting enough….its not his problem or obligation.

    Black women have these twisted views about love and dating and I think it derives from a need to invent reasons for their need for black men to feel obligated to them. In the end youre condoning segregation and its nothing more then prejudice disguised as something righteous.

  4. I think we have a moral obligation to blog responsibly. Like Jill Scott, I too, feel a twinge when a see Black men shun their own and fall victim to society’s standards of beauty. One guy referenced the pressure Black athletes face and somehow made a correlation to women on public assistance. I guess ignorance really is bliss! Firstly, there are tons of educated Black women that are the “total package”. For whatever reason, that isn’t good enough for these guys. The women from the hood aren’t even a factor unless they are being used sexually. Rich brothers just don’t RESCUE their own. They would rather RESCUE some stray Becky from a trailer park than spend their lives and financial blessings with a woman of color. Historically, Black women tend to be very loyal. Tiki Barber is no different from OJ or Tiger. Despite having a very strong Black mother, Tiki has chosen this young Becky. Ginny is going to mop the floor with Tiki before all is said and done. What Ginny doesn’t get, Becky will swindle him out out the rest. It’s KARMA….

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