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Part 2: Why Can’t Successful Black Women Find a Man? (1 Hr. 10 Mins)










PART 10:

Over the past few decades, black women in America have made historic strides academically and professionally. According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, at least 60 percent of black students who get awarded college degrees are women. Black women make up 71 percent of black graduate students.

But the statistics point to another issue: Many of the women are single.

According to a recent Yale study, 42 percent of African-American women have yet to be married, compared to only 23 percent of white women. There’s also a gap in numbers. The 2000 U.S. Census counted 1.8 million more African-American women than black men.

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14 thoughts on “Part 2: Why Can’t Successful Black Women Find a Man? (1 Hr. 10 Mins)

  1. with so many beautiful black women??? But im white, so a lot of people would react negatively if i were to date a black woman, but some of them who have been friends only, would make really good wives compared in general to white women not to say that they (white) are all like that, and as long as one of us or together there was enough money to support a family, i would be color blind and not care if my wife made more money than I.

  2. @ Toni you said But!!!!!!!! but what ? he didn’t drive a mercedes, didn’t have a house on the hill, didn’t wear a armani suit and tie to work? come on please educate us black men about the ( BUT!! )

  3. I, too thinks that Joeblack comment needs to ne removed. But, to comment on the conversation, I am very successful-I should be an attorney in two years- as well and I do agree that its all about communication. Nowhether what or who you date you must communicate. I hvae tried to date a plummer but he owes the business and I really liked him and he was like no other man I had dated in the past. But!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I found this to be interesting and found some validity in what all the panelists had to say. One thing I was told is a woman should not have go looking for a man, the one for you will come looking for you. That being said I believe this; however that means use common sense, it does not mean sit at home and someone will appear out of no where, date enjoy getting out and put yourself in places that you will meet the opposite sex, outside the night clubs. Also black women unlike everyone else, we are the least likely to date outside our race, that is slowly beginning to change but we need to open our options to more than just black men. Finally, I am so damn tired of the stereotypes of black women, being the model of every black woman, especially when one stands up for her self, cut the crap, not all women of other races are submissive and without nagging, etc.., bad comes in all races and shades, not just black!!

  5. I am a successful black woman who for years dated my black brothers… One of my sweet hearts I love to death he was troubled got into being a thug hanging in the streets and I stood by him trying to encourage him and I was in school he just couldnt stay with me, he went and had 5 babies by a women that wasnt doing anything with her life. I also dated guys but because my nose was too wide or my hips was too wide they wanted someone different a video chick and went right out and got a white girl who was wider than me. Did I give up NO. I went to a school that had more whites than blacks… I saw how those “educated black guys” ignored me and went to a white or hispanic women” I dont believe black women are loud tempered we do demanD respect some ignorant than others but I have always been A low tempered quiet black woman who don’t raise her voice, came from a respected home, educated, a math tutor in school ,A’s ,4.0 gpa and sorority but did I even date a black guy in school not even one!!!!! the guys that did date black girls they had to be the model type (video chicks). the other guys strictly white women or other races .I was treated better by other race men than my own… I finally met my fiance who is a white man was I looking for him NO… did I fall in love with him YES.. do he loves me YES… am I exclusive to only white men NO.. if I broke up with my fiance would I date another white men dont know will I be looking for just a white men NO….Is it a shame that the black love is disappearing hell yea…Do I hate the way they betray black women hell yea we are the strongest women ever we have overcame so much than anyone….are we oppressed yes are we angry yes I hope we can change it cause I just am so discouraged for my kids…

  6. The nerve of JoeBlack calling black women trash. We are far from that. Like my mom told me, ” If you have nothing nice to say do not say it.” These women talk from experience and they are very well educated. You are the one that needs a history lesson!

  7. Very good video with a lot of valid talking points. I think it’s unfortunate that some people have to0 narrow of a point of view, that they will never be able to overcome the issue without going to extreme lengths… like Sparkle has. Sparkle, you need not go to another country. All you had to do was search in other parts of the US. To bad mouth the US, as if successful black women having a hard time finding a man was a complete by-product and direct result of this Country, is ignorant and completely out of touch with reality. Having been to over 23 countries myself (5 yrs., USMC), I’ve talked to a lot of local men in those countries who flat out love American women. They’re in love more with the fact that the woman is American.. it wouldn’t matter what she really looks like; to which I would argue, is no different than the same pre-judgements you say you faced here in the States. But these types of relationships are no different than men or women here in the states, who would choose a foreign woman over an american one…. the disposition betwen your experience, and the example I provided, truely are no different from one another. Again, it has nothing to do with the problem merely being (convenient I might add) that it’s living in the United States that is the sole root of the problem.

    Other countries are not only just as cruel (they’ll speak in their native language around you, as to not alarm you to suspicion), but outside of your relationship, there are many… MANY other negative burdens that you’ll now be taking on. Careful being out in Brazil… they have alarming STD (especially HIV) rates; there are so many social issues and lawlessness in countries like Brazil that are never seen here in the States, or are completely irrelevant, it’d take me an entire novel to list them all out. It’s not all sipping on pina coladas out of pinapples on a tropical beach in these countries. You may have found happiness and love, but it could merely come down to circumstance…. trying to dismiss it as being a location issue, is as I said, ignorant and foolish.

  8. Interesting talk. These 2 women are a symptom of the prob. I noticed while Steve and Hill bring both sides of the problem, Sherri and her sidekick are always bringing negative scenarios where men are bad to portray that image and resisting hearing the solutions.
    Having said that, its important to focus on solutions not problems to the topic.

  9. I never gave up on our black men.I was married to good black man ,when we met my kids were young.He was there for me and my kids.we were married 6 yrs.before he passed away.when I met my husband he didn’t have much of nothing,but I hung in there he got a better paying job he got him a car,we got us a house,so I know it is good black men out there,us as black women just have to hold on and he would come it woked for me.

  10. Face it.
    Don’t nobody want no hard ass black woman.
    Yall is the most despised group of females on this planet.
    Any man would rather take a stupid, trashy white hoe than deal with a naggin nigga woman.
    Dumb ass Paris Hilton is a better catch than any of them b*tches on this show.

  11. I applaud you ‘Sparkle’ for not being a victim and instead of accepting the USA situation, took the initiative and charted your own course in life.

    As a black man, who has traveled to each continent and lived for years outside of the USA, I totally agree.

    To my US black sisters, please get off your butts, travel and see that you are appreciate in other parts of the world!

  12. The reason black women, successful or not, cannot get married is because they live in the most f-cked up country in the world – America.

    Four years ago I traveled to Rio and met a wonderful wonderful man which is no easy feat in a country full of gorgeous sexy men. A year later I married him and relocated to Brazil. There are no words to describe what it was like for me as a black woman to move to this wonderful paradise.

    The USA is a cruel and vicious land, full of evil and hateful people who use the supposed ugliness, evilness and obesity of the black woman to boost their own sagging self-esteem. To hear some of the men talk, every other woman in the States is a beautiful sweet-tempered supermodel compared to us when most of the nonblack women I encountered in the States were just as ugly, obese, foul-mouthed and hateful as the sisters were purported to be. Yet so many of our men are sick enough to compare their women against these women who are lacking in a lot of areas themselves.

    Few American women of any race are as gorgeous and sexy as my Brazilian sisters. Enlightened men of all races travel to Rio to get with these beautiful women not just black men. They are here looking for the beautiful feminine women they can’t find back home.

    Like I said, the black American woman’s problem is not herself it is the United States. I wish that I could make it possible for all of my sisters to leave the States and the evil ugly vicious people it contains. No wonder the world hates the US. Even if the black woman was loud and ugly, she is not the only woman who fits that description. In my (and most of the world’s) opinion Americans of all races and ethnicities are ugly, obese, badtempered, psychotic and sexually repressed.

    Obrigada Brasil for being such beautiful wonderful people!

  13. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 26 years. We met the summer befor our senior year in high school and broke up just before the senior prom. We went to colleges in the same city, her at the University and me at the HBCU. We saw each other at greek shows and other functions but never really talked about getting back together. She stayed in Memphis and I accepted a commision in the U.S. Navy. I think the turning point for us was when we ran into each other at a High School Graduation of a mutual friends son and I showed up in My Naval Uniform. I think she realized I was going places and she was stuck in Memphis looking at the same people doing the same ol thing day in and day out and I was out seeing the world in big way. We talked and she found out I had already been half way around the world and was living in Japan, and had learned how to treat and respect a lady, after all I was an Officer and Gentleman at this point. We wrote each other just about everyday, this made me the Mail King aboard my ship because I would get more mail than most of the Officers put together. We decided to get married and she joined me in Japan. We started a family, she started a career as a government employee and I rose to the Rank of Full Bird Captain serving as a Commanding Officer of 2 different warships before I retired from service. My wife decided to change her career from Administration to Nursing and I started a small trucking company. If you want to have a sucsessful relationship…look for love.

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