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Here we go again! Here’s another “scratching my head” story about a A South Carolina mother named Shannon Cooper, who was arrested for disorderly conduct for cheering too loudly at her daughter’s high school graduation.

“I got up and I said ‘yah, my baby made it. Yes!’ Just a regular cheer,” said Shannon Cooper, a mother who was jailed after her child’s graduation.

Parents were warned not to cheer for the graduates or they would be thrown out. When Shannon’s daughter, Iesha, walked across the stage to get her diploma, she did it anyway.

“I got up and I said ‘yah, my baby made it. Yes!’ Just a regular cheer,” said Shannon Cooper.

“Don’t scream, don’t cheer. No, I’m thinking in my mind. No, I’mma cheer because, you know, I went through too much to get her to this point. I can’t show my excitement? I can’t cheer? I can’t applaud her letting her know yes, I’m so proud of you, like all the other years when people graduate. How can I not cheer for my child?” said Cooper.

Shannon told WPDE-TV that officers took her to a police van outside the civic center in Florence, South Carolina and she sat there for 45 minutes.


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