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Warren-Sapp-Quying-Boyd-escort-pics-photos has learned that Phoenix police has released reports from the arrest of NFL Hall of Famer and former NFL analyst Warren Sapp, who was charged with two counts of assault and one count of soliciting prostitution just hours after the 2015 Super Bowl.

The arrest report details several interviews between Phoenix police officers, Warren Sapp and the two women/escorts alleging Sapp injured them.


It states the women, 23-year-old Britney Shaun-Tavia Osborne and 34-year-old Quying Jamie Boyd, met Sapp at the Renaissance Hotel bar downtown.


The stories begin to differ from there.

Some interviews from the women stated Sapp wanted them to come up to his room to drink more because the bar was closing.

Other interviews said Sapp wanted them to dance for him because they told him they were dancers from a Las Vegas strip club.

But Sapp told investigators he paid both women $300 each “… and expected a s*x act in exchange for the money.”

Sapp showed officers 31 pictures of the women in his room – some clothed and others not – in various poses. He also provided officers with one video of Osborne performing oral s*x on him.

The report said Warren told officers when he asked Osborne for intercourse, she wanted more money. Osborne told investigators she wasn’t comfortable doing that.

That’s when things got testy. The women said Sapp became enraged and there were exchange of words. Sapp claims Osborne spit on him.

The women said Sapp eventually forced them out of his room. Osborne was barely clothed.

One account said he tackled them to the hallway floor, knocking in the wall.

Watch the video below for more details on this story.

According to TMZ, one of the escorts, Quying Boyd, was arrested by the NYPD last year (2014), after police say she ran an upscale s*x scam operation in Manhattan, and swindled rich guys out of tons of cash and jewelry.

TMZ reports:

According to police, Boyd would lure rich guys to their hotel rooms under the guise they were gonna bang — only to swipe everything from money to credit cards to watches when they weren’t looking.

Cops say Boyd jacked at least 3 dudes … and scored more than $50,000 in cash and prizes (including a $40k Roger DuBuis watch).

She was eventually arrested in both 2013 and 2014 and charged with grand larceny … but later released.

Since his arrest, Sapp has been fired from his $540,000 dollar a year analyst job with the NFL Network.

According to reports, Sapp’s girlfriend had just left the Super Bowl right before his arrest. The couple had been in Arizona the majority of Super Bowl week and were spotted together at the Phoenix Suns game.

In January 1998, Sapp married his ex-wife Jamiko Vaughn. Sapp and Jamiko have two children together, daughter Mercedes, born in 1998, and son Warren Carlos II, born in 2000.


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