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Fox News Reporter Says Americans Aren’t Pure Because “We Keep Marrying Other Species & Ethnics”

Since this video, Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Fox & Friends, apologized for remarks he made about American ethnicity during a recent telecast on the Fox News Channel. Discussing a Swedish study on the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and marriage, Kilmeade said it was problematic to compare Swedish and American populations, because, “we “Americans” keep marryingread more

NFL Star Terrell Owens’ Ex-Fiance Actress Felisha Terrell

Meet Felisha Terrell, ex-fiance of NFL star Terrell Owens. If you remember, Felisha is the woman that broke things off with Terrell right before he “accidentally” took too many pain killers and almost died back in 2006. The reason she broke it off was beacuse Terrell cheated on her. Felisha is interracial, half black/half white.Felisharead more