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Jesse James Breaks Into Tears When Asked About Sandra Bullock And Divorce….Admits He Cheated!

“Coming off the break-up of his marriage to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James spoke publicly for the first time, telling ABC News he cheated on his Oscar-winning wife and shattered a seemingly-perfect relationship. I “took a pretty amazing life and amazing success and marriage … and threw it away by my own hands,” James told Vickiread more

Divorce Report: Former NBA Star Eric Snow Files For Divorce From His Wife Of 12 Years DeShawn Graves Snow!

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star DeShawn Snow and her husband, former NBA player Eric Snow, are divorcing according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Eric Snow recently filed divorce papers in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia stating that there is “no hope of reconciliation” for the pair who has been married forread more