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Coons Of The Year: Tavis Smiley And Professor Cornel West Blast President Obama For Not Helping Poor People In America!

Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornel West chat with CNN’s Carol Costello about their criticism of President Obama for not helping the poor, their nationwide “Poverty Tour” and the recent passing of the debt ceiling bill.
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Child Support Bust: Police Lure Deadbeat Parents With Free College Football Tickets To Arrest Them For Not Paying Child Support!

The Lee County (Alabama) Sheriff’s Department came up with an elaborate way to catch more than a dozen deadbeat parents: tell them to show up at a location and claim free tickets to this year’s Auburn-Alabama college football game.

Operation “Iron Snare” didn’t round up all the suspects deputies were looking for, but it got quite a few. They mailed out over 140 letters for people with at least $10,000 of unpaid child support.

Watch the video below and see what happens next.
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