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Why Do African-Americans Like Michael Jackson So Much?


According to a new Pew study, more African-Americans are interested in the death of Michael Jackson than white Americans. That information lead Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly to pose a controversial question during his Monday night broadcast of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

On the show, O’Reilly asked his two guests why so many African-Americans are obsessed with Michael Jackson, a man who essentially went out of his way to be white. Watch the video and leave us a comment on what you think.


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3 thoughts on “Why Do African-Americans Like Michael Jackson So Much?

  1. michael’s complexion and lips were caused by a condition well beyond his control. his hair was a dedication to his idol and mentor, james brown. his decision to date white females and have white offspring was his RIGHT as a human being first and as an american second. i’ve dated white females my entire adult life and i’m constantly asked by mainly black people, “why”. in 30 years as an adult, i’ve never been given a drink of water by a black person. bill oreilly is just sensationalizing, because he knows firsthand that african americans are stupid and suffer from an extreme slave mentality.

  2. Michael Jackson wanted to be white. He became white and when he did he told God that he did not appreciate his creation. He went to the extreme and in the end was still unhappy. We have to be happy for whom we are. Money, fortune, and fame can not buy or give you happiness. Most of the time, it creates a monster. Look at McNair, living unholy to his wife that’s been by his side for some five months booty caused the eternal transition from the earth. We all have to answer to the man upstairs, status and fame doesn’t matter. Let us get right so we can heal our world.

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