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Update: The Woman Found Dead Along Side Steve Mcnair Has Been Identified As His Mistress 20 Year Old Sahel Kazemi






These are pictures (above) of  the woman found dead with Steve McNair. Police identified the female as 20 year old Sahel Kazemi. She died by a single gun shot to her head. Sahel Kazemi was dating Steve McNair, despite his marriage to Mechelle Cartwright, says reports late Saturday.

Reports say Kazemi had a new black Cadillac Escalade that Mcnair bought and registered to both their names. Two days before her death she was arrested for DUI in the SUV. McNair posted her bail.


How did Steve  Mcnair and Sahel Kazemi meet?

A friend tells the press that Sahel Kazemi this week said McNair was dating her after meeting her as a waitress at restaurant “Dave & Busters”.

The internet search engines have been buzzing today for people looking for pictures of Steve Mcnair’s wife.

Here are some photos/pictures of Steve Mcnair’s wife Mechelle Cartwright.



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29 thoughts on “Update: The Woman Found Dead Along Side Steve Mcnair Has Been Identified As His Mistress 20 Year Old Sahel Kazemi

  1. first of i knew steve mcnair personally cuz im one of ex his girlfriends and i know mechelle personally and she is one crazy ass bitch she has admited to me that she hired someone to kill steve and his girlfriend shael. i also knew shel personally and she was a sweet girl although i didnt agree with her doing what she suposseedly did to steve but she did not kill steve. so all of u haters out there who think steve what he deasvered what he got better think agian cuz he didnt u assholes and his wife mechelle is a hoe anyway and i dont feel sorry for her at all

  2. Just because a man or a women for that matter, cheats on their husbands/wives doesnt mean their life should be taken away. These people are someones children….Ms. Kazmei was a troubled young lady. To bad she didnt get help before ruining two different families. My heart goes to Mr Mcnairs children, who do not have a father anymore, just because of one women’s crazy and selfish ways.

  3. I feel it’s a terrible lost for the family and god bless them. But as far as black women don’t want a black man to be with a white women it doesn’t stand true, for the simple fact only white women would put up with their sh**. And not be led around like a dog in heat because we all know white women only fuck any black men with a long pole with money, just like your down the street h**.

  4. birgit, well said. i wish i could have found a woman like you before i gave up on black women (video/website, tired black man). as i stated in earlier post, he was taking advantage of a niave child. he was living from paycheck to paycheck, estranged from his wife, a small town country boy of whom was a poor money manager throughout his career, taken advantaged of by his agents and managers and was more concerned about his image. he, m vick, and doug williams are dead broke, but they own the passing record books-whatever that’s worth. in other words steve is worth more dead than alive.

  5. Excuse me, but “separated” is STILL married. That doesn’t give one license to do whatever you want;as it is clearly illustrated here,that kind of thinking can get you into trouble. It’s become quite clear to me that “men” will never learn.

  6. Our country is ruled by sex,drugs and money……………….Its destroyed by sex drugs and money,A man or woman can buy anybody if the price is right.There are still some good men out there.A pretty face and body gets a man all the time.

  7. It’s sad, but when his death was first reported I knew what happened, because what married man is with a “friend” in the A.M. That moment my heart went out to his wife, because of “husband” obviously had holes in his character. This is what urks me with men. They want the model family, but dodge their responsibilities as a husband and a father. Yeah I’m sure he took care of them financially, but look at the time he took for his wife and kids when he was running around with Kazemi pretending to be “single and free”. So many men think because they bring home a check that they don’t have to put in the emotional/mental work that it takes to assure their wife and kids that he loves themand is willing to put their needs above his own. SELFISH. That what he was and so was that “lil tramp” he was running around with. People NOTHING is Free! I wish that all men and women had self-respect and integrity. And common sense to know that no misdeeed will go unpunished. We never know the state of mind of individuals that we deal with. Some people can be lied to and toyed with become hurt/mad, but they go on. Others (Obviously disturbed people like ole girl) will go to extreme measures to get revenge. But living foul like he was I think he was lucky Kazemi got to him b4 GOD did.Marriage is something not to be taken lightly. Everyone I know that is married has or is currently struggling to hold things together. It’s hard, but never should anyone make a decision to step outside of their marriage. “I feel like this be 100% here or 100% gone.” Ultimately we have to do what brings us peace and if he knew he couldn’t keep his vows he should have cut his losses (divorced). Now Mechelle and her two boys are left with these broken pieces. She didn’t even get to hear his pitiful excuses or his sorry apology. I pray for her because I know that she feels broken and confused. People Do The RIGHT Thang!

  8. My prayers go out to the families involved in such a tragic event. So unfortunate that something of this magnitude had to take place. I pray that God would comfort and guide each of us to make the proper decisions in life. We cannot make it without Him!

    Blessings to All!

  9. Sad situation. Lesson to all MEN and women: The grass is not always greener, if you take the vows- stay faithful. Keep God and family first- and the rest should fall in place. Oh, and you won’t get shot up either!!!!


  11. To all of you who has something to say, steve mcnair was my cousin. im not taking up for him or her because they both new what they were doing! She knew he still had a wife and wanted him to herself and he was playing with a young girls mind but told her he wasnt going to leave his wife! Yes he got her a caddilac escalade for her birthday but she had to pay the notes on that and also on her kia that she couldn’t sale! Her rommmate was moving out and she wanted steve to herself,she was after trying to be famous and wanted him to marry her! Its both their faults! but she didnt have to take his life or hers!

    Mechelle,Trenton,Junior,Steven&Tyler…We love you! And everyone In the McNair family!

    Also my condolences go out to the family
    of 20year old Sahel Kazemi!

  12. Gaddy needs to wake up and smell the smell of sex. If it walks like a duck and squats like a duck it is a duck. To all the brothers. If you messin with a Iranian or whatever, maybe you are next in line for a personal jihad. Leave those babes alone! Deepest condolences to Mechelle and the kids. They are the ones that don’t deserve a second of this crap. Air McNair is showing how much air there was up there.

  13. I agree. It sounded like a hit to me as soon as I heard it. We don’t really know what was going on. Speculation is a bi…ch. If they were murdered I hope they find the culprit so their familes can move on. He has left 4 sons behind to be raised by their mother, along with the shame he caused them. I hope Mcnair can rest in peace.Very sad society we live in.

  14. I think his little trifling 20 year old girlfriend shot Steve McNair & then killed herself…It’s so sad that these men (married or single) don’t understand that just because a woman looks good & has a nice body, etc. does NOT mean that she’s mentally stable. Yet, men still just go by looks & will sleep with these women & start relationships with these women without taking the time to get to know them. I bet there were signs there that she was not mentally stable but I’ve had men tell me that they’ll deal with that if the woman looks good. NO!!! This is unacceptable…First of all, what kind of woman has a relationship with a married man that frequents the restaurant that she’s a waitress at all of the time with his WIFE??? Yes, Steve McNair was in the wrong for this affair as well but as women we need to take a stand & get some self esteem & morals! Get your own husband, don’t be second & sleep with someone else’s husband. That never ends well & believe me they’re not going to leave their wife for you. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!! This is a tragedy that could have been avoided but I hope it wakes up a lot of these young women & cheating men. All that glitters is NOT gold men. And women looks fade, try being a good woman with morals & that will be with you for life. Take care of your kids, teach them to be good people & respect & love others…We can’t change the whole world at once so lets start with ourselves & our own families! The McNair family is in my prayers! With Christ we can do all things!

  15. PEOPLE! The police have ONLY concluded that Steve was murdered. Clearly, the police are not yet convinced that the Girlfriend committed suicide. They obviously think the girl may have been murdered as well.

    Points to ponder:
    1. Women don’t commit suicide by shoothing themselves in the head/face.

    2. The girl was happy with the relationship (e.g. her friends and coworkers confirm this — and the relationship was NEW!!!).

    3. Steve was happy with the relationship (e.g. he just bought her the new vehicle and apartment — and the relationship was NEW!!!).

    4. He was shot twice (2) in the head and twice (2) in the body. It is NOT easy to shot a gun — even a handgun. The little 20yr old Girlfriend probably did not do this. Actually, sounds like a professional hit to me!

    5. Prediction: The wife had someone ‘hit’ Steve. She had everything to gain ($$$) and had already lost a lot in her dignity and self-respect. Obviously, the marriage was already going the same way of most other ‘athlete marriages’.

  16. To Tom Smith & Crystal you both are so ignorant! My prayer goes out to all the families that were involved in this tragic lost. To Whatever you need to get a life. His wife didn’t know anything about the affair. The other woman just couldn’t take him telling her that he’s not leaving his wife and what do you people do??? COMMITT SUICIDE. Well damn! Such week minded people!!! We are the strongest minded women that you can ever have. So you get over it…

  17. He got what he deserved, if I was his wife I would bury him in a pine box and spit on his grave as is was lowered.

    What a selfish loser.

  18. If the man bought her a Cadillac Escalade, she was more than just his hoe…she was his girl…the man wasn’t doing anything wrong…he was seperated from his wife…so he fuck anyone he wanted to…she was just as pretty, if not prettier than his wife…black woman just don’t like to see a black man with another race…get over it…two people are dead and they knew what the fuck they were doing…

  19. wow…wow…wow and wow….great football player and warrior on the field …wow…he had been taken with temptation and no true friends around to talk him out of it…if you are reading this and was a good friend to any of them…shame shame on you for not trying your hardest to stop a bad bad thing…to all of you reading this enjoy life to the fullest with out trying to hurt to many people…have fun and god bless..

  20. Oh Maxine, we don’t care about the wife, kids, horror, or prayer. Most of us just wanted a chance to fu**ck that crazy Saleh chic.

  21. Mechelle looks hot herself. What else would he be looking for that he didn’t already have! It is sad and a shame that the kids end up fatherless due to their dad’s inability to control bodly pleasures and keep his vows!

  22. Quit trying to speculate what happen….what we do know is that two people are dead, leaving parents, children, friends, coworkers etc, an empty dark vcid in their lives…..if you can get a prayer through began to pray for them…especially those kids and wife……daddy here one day…horrible news the next. Also,.,.think of that young lady family….they both were grown consenting adults….therefore no one is to be blamed more than the other.. My heart goes out to the love one….

  23. Damn yo. i think that the girlfriend shot and killed him because they were saying in an article that Kazemi was pushing for him to get a divorce from his wife so they could be together legitimately and if you read the autopsy it says that she had a single gunshot wound to the side of the head. Now that was at close range and at an angle that would be considered a suicide shot. If the wife were to shoot her i don’t think that she would’ve done it close range like that to the girlfriend. From the reading the interviews that police had with the friends, it seemed like Kazemi was willing to do anything to keep him close and went by the saying if she couldn’t have him nobody can or will and that includes his wife. I don’t think his wife would want her kids to be without their father. As distraught and depressed as she was, she doesn’t seem like the type to be that selfish.


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