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Actor Tyrese Gibson Tells Ex-Wife To Get A Damn Job!



In court papers obtained by on Thursday, Actor Tyrese claims that despite having a pre-nup agreement, he has “already paid $75,000 worth of respondents professional fees and costs for a marriage which lasted less than 10 months. Prior to this 10 month marriage, respondent and I entered into a prenuptial agreement which resolved all issues between us, other than those pertaining to our minor child.”

Gibson’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan requested that Norma take a vocational exam! “Ms. Gibson can and should seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time.”

Gibson states he spends about $4000 a month on clothes, $2200 on dining out and $1900 in groceries. Gibson also says that he has no movies lined up to film in 2009.


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12 thoughts on “Actor Tyrese Gibson Tells Ex-Wife To Get A Damn Job!

  1. Get that money Tyrece you had a beautiful woman whats wrong with you. Oh she would not let you get your baby and you on twitter.


  2. Too many all inclusive statements here. There a white guys that don’t know how to treat a sista so get over that. Smart to have a prenupt. Lovin’ the kick rocks with open shoes! Gotta borrow that one..

  3. ok alan plz do the world a favor and die. Don’t bunch us all up like that and honestly you don’t know these wemon have been threw. and yea she gota sob story but she sure as hell aint doin much to fix it. point black he had a prenup he shouldn’t be payin all that money…give that trick an airline ticket and tell her to kick rocks wit open toed shoes

  4. He should have been married Brandy. She’s a woman of means and they seem to have had a longtime friendship…in Hollywood you don’t marry out of “love” you marry into a business deal.

  5. this is utterly ridiculous. She has a rent payment of 2700.00 and an 800.00 lease for a Range Rover plus income in addition to this. Is anyone saying this out loud as they read it!!!! Seriously, sounds like she married with intentions. It has nothing to do with demeaning I’m with Tyrese, Get a job….if she was competent to be in college then she can surely work. Or……go home(London) Again, seriously at least he didn’t leave her high and dry this is greed.

  6. The only demeaning aspect of this situation is that this woman forgot who she is. In London, she was in college and then she was blessed, yes blessed, to have met a man who wanted to marry her. Kudos for him! He could have just kept her “comfortable”. And as for the pre-nup, well, what did she contribute to the marriage. And before you say, she carried his child, remember, he couldn’t carry the child. As far as he is concerned he is taking care of the child and if you want to put some value on child-birth, well, she has been well compensated.

  7. alan,

    i guess you’ve had your bad experience with a black woman. Oh well, we’ve all had bad experiences with someone of a different or same race. the point is, you do not know what you are talking about. Maybe the problem is YOU! all black women are not on food stamps, wic, welfare etc.

    i happen to be an African American woman with a MASTER’S degree. I am very educated, happily married to a white man! Independent and beautiful!

    That is why most black women prefer dealing with white men because they respect and treat black women a whole lot better that black ones. even if a black woman doe’s not know how to conduct herself like an educated woman, a white man will show her how to be loved and love herself unconditionally. Black men has no class, self respect, education and character. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i agree with you brittany, marriage doesn’t mean much, especially in black america. this is why i never got married. i’ve been propositioned more times than i can remember and every black woman has two things in common. they’re either living with or married to a black man. i guess people don’t want to work-that exlains why soo many black women are on food stamps, wic, welfare, & section 8 housing.

  9. I highly doubt this chick is a poor vulnerable victim! Whatever happened to being responsible for yourself? We all can see that marriage typically does not amount to much in America, especially in Hollywood. After 10 mos consider yourself ending an extremely well paid for vacation and take your behind back home to your family if for some reason you are unable to make a living. The first time someone mentions get a job mouths drop open in astonishment? Why? It’s the way of the world. If you just married for his money, that’s what you get!

  10. this is truly sad and extremely demeaning, how this monster has been able to take advantage of this young vunerable girl, take her from her country under false pretenses-then dump her like a disposable napkin. i would have expected no less than 40 responses from jilted and hurt black females, but this site has done a great deal in exposing the low to no self esteem of black females. i personally will never buy another of his recordings or see another of his movies.

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