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Episode 5: Basketball Wives On VH1!


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One thought on “Episode 5: Basketball Wives On VH1!

  1. I really was hoping this series was going to be good. But I’m a little disappointed. It reminds me of high school(girls and behavior). Don’t get me wrong, I know there are groupies and high profile athletes have their pick but these ladies(if I can call them that) blame the groupies for their men behavior. It is HARD for an average guy to stay faithful. So how do you expect a BIG TIME, MONEY MAKING, HAVE ANYBODY I WANT ATHiLETE to stay faithful….it will be hard. The only one that makes sense is Gloria. Gloria will need to watch Evelyn and Jennifer’s contaminating thoughts. A seed can easily be planted so Gloria keep people out your business because MISERY LOVES COMPANY. And Jennifer(bless her heart)is in a mess right now. With that said, she needs to figure things out for herself. Her friends Suzie and Evelyn need to keep their mouths shut and let Jenn handle her business. Why in the world would Suzie suggest that Jenn commit adultery to get back at Eric. That’s not a friend. Like I said, misery loves company. It seems they want Jenn to be just like them…without a man. And no more fighting…Jenn why would you approach some body with that bull crap about your husband? DO NOT ASK THE QUESTION IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO HEAR THE ANSWER. You get your feelings hurt and end up looking like boo-boo. Like you said, you knew what you were getting into when you married Eric. You said he wasn’t faithful before you married him. But now you expect him to be faithful. That’s not going to happen UNTIL Eric is ready to make that change. So you(Jenn) have some decisions to make. Until next time…SEE YA

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