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NFL Network Suspends Analysts Marshall Faulk, Health Evans And Ike Taylor After Ex-Employee Jami Cantor Accuses Them of Sexual Harassment In Lawsuit! (Video) has learned that the NFL Network has suspended long time analysts Marshall Faulk, Health Evans, and Ike Taylor “pending an investigation” after a former an employee named Jami Cantor accused them of s*xual harrasment.


In addition, Cantor has accused Eric Weinberger, who currently works as the president of The Ringer, Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb and at least one other employee at NFL Network of acting inappropriately in the workplace by s*xually harassing and assaulting her on several occasions.

Cantor’s allegations were made in a lawsuit she filed suing NFL Enterprises in Los Angeles Superior Court in October, alleging age and s*x discrimination, s#xual harassment and hostile work environment, and wrongful termination, among other complaints. Cantor’s new allegations against the retired NFL players were included in an amended lawsuit filed in court December 11th.

Who is Jami Cantor?

Cantor worked as a wardrobe stylist for the NFL network from 2006 until she was fired in October 2016 after being accused of stealing clothes from the network.

Read all the explicit details the is reporting of Cantor’s allegation below:

Cantor’s allegations against Marshall Faulk:

Cantor alleges that Faulk, the former running back for the St. Louis Rams, asked her “deeply personal and invasive questions” about her s#x life on numerous occasions. She claims that Faulk asked her what her favorite s#x position was, whether she was into oral s#x and if she dated black men. She also accused Faulk in the lawsuit of fondling her breasts and groping her butt.

“As time went on, Mr. Faulk became more aggressive, such as inviting (Cantor) to his hotel room, stroking and pulling out his genitals in front of her, pointing to his crotch and asking Plaintiff, ‘when are you gonna get on this already?’” the lawsuit said. “He also pinned (Cantor) against a wall, demanding oral s#x while he pulled his pants down.”

Cantor’s allegations against Heath Evans:

In the amended lawsuit, Evans, who played fullback for the New England Patriots, is accused of propositioning Cantor multiple times for s#x and “repeatedly making lewd overtures.” Cantor said that Evans sent nude photos of himself to her “on at least two separate occasions.” She said in her lawsuit that Evans made several comments to her, including him saying that he “needed to get in (Cantor) deep and hard.”

Cantor’s allegations against Eric Davis:

Davis, a former cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, is accused of coming into Cantor’s office asking for help with his clothes “so he could grab and push/rub his body” against Cantor, the lawsuit said. She said that Davis said various other s#xually-explicit comments, including things like: “I want you so bad,” “my cock is so hard because of you right now” and “you look like you would be an animal in the sheets.”

“I can’t handle your (butt), it is so luscious,” Cantor claimed that a text message sent to her from Davis said.

Cantor said that on at least one occasion, Davis said that he wanted to “choke” her from behind until she “begged him to stop.” Cantor claims that one time while she was working on the set in the studio on a ladder, he grabbed her butt, sliding his hand in between her legs and touching her private area.

Cantor’s allegations against Ike Taylor:

Taylor, who played cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is accused in the lawsuit of sending her inappropriate photos of himself and a video of him masturbating in the shower.

Cantor’s allegations against Donovan McNabb:

McNabb, who most notably played quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is accused in the suit of texting her explicit comments. Those include him allegedly asking her if she “was a squirte`r” and asking her to “CUM to dinner with him.”

Cantor’s allegations against Warren Sapp:

Cantor said that Sapp gifted her s#x toys as Christmas gifts and showed nude images of women he’d slept with. Cantor also claims he came into restroom while plaintiff was preparing clothes and urinated in front of her. When she screamed at him to get out, Sapp said, “Sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our sh*tter.”

Cantor’s allegations against The Ringer’s Eric Weinberger:

During the time that Cantor worked as a wardrobe stylist at the network, Weinberger sent her “several nude pictures of himself and s#xually explicit texts,” she said in her lawsuit. Cantor also accused Weinberger of telling her that she “was put on earth to pleasure (him),” adding that he once pressed his crotch against her shoulder and asked her to touch it.

Wow! Stay tuned for more on this story.

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