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Video: Halle Berry & Jamie Foxx Getting Freaky On Stage- Kissing And Groping




Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx got freaky (Kissing and Groping) onstage at the Spike TV 2009 Guys Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Halle Berry was awarded the “Decades of Hotness Award” at the show. When Halle went up to accept her award from Jamie Foxx, he gave her a smooch on the cheek, but Halle wanted more.


Wonder what Halle’s fiance(Gabriel Aubry)thinks about this incident? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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56 thoughts on “Video: Halle Berry & Jamie Foxx Getting Freaky On Stage- Kissing And Groping

  1. Jamie Foxx was totally shocked LOL> Halle knew he had the biggest crush on her. He even took shots at Eric Benet when they broke up. She did it to shock the crowd and to wow Jamie. I’m sure her fiance got it in the face because he cheated on her which is why she did this on national television. Halle is like I can get another YOU in a minute LMBO! You must not know ’bout me! It makes sense now because she and Gabriel are broken up. She figured Jamie would freak out but this was a total shock to me LOL!!! Whooooaaa! It was pretty skanky lol. But whose going to stop Halle. Really!

  2. Sexy…They make a cute couple!!!!!It was all for show you idiots, OMG get over it, I love me some Ms. Berry, keep doing you Halle!!!!LMAO Jaime got that swipe and she wanted to test it out!!!!LOL

  3. I would have never guessed it in a million years. Halle truly desires to be with a brother and Jamie is the one. Despite what you think of him or her, he has the character and manhood she needs.

  4. Fuck all ya she had a good dam reason for doing this !otherwise she wont have don this !Why is it rong for doing this on stage and not in here movies ! In some of here movies she is butt naked !! So what tha fuck is rong with you people ! On screen its oke to this but on stage its rong,i dont get it she an actris,this is what they are good at acting !! Stupid people leave here the fuck allone. She don’t need your negative comment ,because when she’l steel be makin here money,if you find it rong or not !! Get A live people !! if its not you on that stage why the fuck wory about it ! Just live your life and let others live there’s amen !! i have found jesus !!

  5. Sheena you are absolutely right. The DL brothas are passing it (Aids) on to us. Unfortunately, us Sistas continue to believe that our Brothas are still worth our time as they continue to kill us! I’m a glutten for punishment and had a great man that God took away (not from aids). Still love my Black Soul Brothas! Especially the Idris Elba ones HYes!

  6. It was not good to do something like that on National T.V. @ all. Leave that sort of behavior for the privacy of you own affairs. @alan – black women are not the leading cause of aids in the world, do not believe verything to see and hear. That’s what they want you to believe. The reason why we do have a large percent than SOME is because not onl of the poor choices some of us make, it’s also because of what the black man does in order for a lot of black woman to get it. So look at your brothas’ before you start pointing the finger at the sistas’. It sickens me how hungry the black man acts as if he;ll never get it. He needs the black, white, hispanic, asian and what ever other woman along with a man to satisfy him. That’s how black woman get it.

  7. We’re not trippin, she needs to use some discretion. That’s whore behavior. Everyone does not need to see her do her thang……somethings are reserved for the bedroom and if you need to see Halle and Jamie get it on to spark your relationship, you need to question your relationship. Self made sparks with you and your mate is what I’m talking about. Much more creative and interesting.

  8. Well, Halle is just like her mom: Got to have that dark sugar, dark as her dad, and, lucky & proud of it.

    Also makes sense. Jaime is a charming fellow.

  9. go on girl with your bad self, I bet jamie wont forget that!!! and remember people it was SPIKE TV!!!! LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!!shoot I wish I had a body like that!!

  10. Guess what y’all…they are both actors…Jaime has a movie coming out…Halle’s been on hiatus since the baby and needs to get back out there and if my memory serves me correctly, a group of white actors (can’t recall their names)did this similar stunt years ago and when their movie(s)opened, the box office went crazy…SEX sells and is good for ratings…Actress Halle Berry kissed Actor Jaime Foxx…some people kiss A#* in their profession… What have YOU done for a raise, bonus, or promotion on your job that got people saying HUMMMM? If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

  11. Halle Berry AND Jamiee Fox was totally tasteless in doing that and the both of them defiled their character. She should have taken the trophy with honor and maintained her self respect and Jamiee should have pushed her away. Not only was the kissing and groping appalling, it was unnecessary and gross, TOTALLY TASTELESS. I think Halle knew she was fading away amongst all of the beauty and talent that is alive today and she desperately wanted to do something to try to stay noticed. At any rate, poor choice.


  13. I’m not sure what that was about maybe halle is having relationship problems with her fiance and wants to send a message, personally I would be concerned about where halles mouth had been as well if I were jaime. I could only imagine the type of wild sessions her and her fiance have engaged in and how many gallons of liquid, fluid, DNA they both may have consumed from one another, halle berry or not I would have taken that into consideration.

  14. Yes I am a H. Berry fan. She is such a hottie, but celebrity or not you cant just kiss anybody in the mouth
    like that. Where are the morals and respect for yourself.
    We are living in the last days. Just about everything that
    was written in the bible has or is being folded. I would be totally pissed if I knew my wife or girlfriend kissed another man in the mouth.

  15. mimi, so so sad, you and the other three million black women of whom are walking around hiv positive. not tomentionthe other six million of whom are already dead….

  16. Well, she just proved to the world what an easy lay she is along with Fantasia. Jamie Foxx is nothing to marvel over, so I don’t understand why these black gals are embarrassing themselves in front of millions by disrespecting themselves with this slut behavior. Eric Benet stepped out on her for a reason, and her fiance’ should take note of this and become her ex-fiance’.

  17. once again, as an african american male, extremely shocked & appalled. black women in this country not only lead the nation, but the world in being most infected with aids, from their overwhelmingly poor choices. to tongue kiss someone like jamie of whom has openly bragged about his favorite thing to do-eating the butt hole of white women! i can just imagine what she sucked from between his teeth, then again i don’t want to imagine…..

  18. I think after winning the Oscar theres no need for another trophy in her hand. What a TASTELESS WOMAN. Fantasia…now Halle…who’s next?

  19. GOOD for Jamie! Skip that weird looking French fruit-cake she’s wasting time with. I’d have done the same thing given the opportunity.

  20. Halle has been my girl for a very long time. And I have taken up for her every single time someone had something bad to say about her with regard to all of the bad relationships. But this time, all I can say is what the hell Halle? Seek Jesus!! because apparently having a child has taught you absolutely nothing!!!!

  21. Totally DISGUSTING, AND TASTELESS!!! Halle really should be ashamed, espcially with a baby and significant other at home. Not to mention being live and children may have been watching.

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