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Brandon Jacobs’ Wife Kim Jacobs



Meet Kim Jacobs, wife of NFL star Brandon Jacobs. Kim and Brandon met in college at Auburn University. They both knew each other’s roommates, so they had spoken briefly on the phone when one called for the other’s roommate. But the couple actually met in a computer lab when Brandon, sitting next to her, asked if the music from his headphones was disturbing her. At that time, Kim was finishing her undergraduate degree and working toward a master’s degree in early childhood development.


After playing behind NFL first round draft pics, Ronnie Brown and Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, Brandon transferred from Auburn to Southern Illinois University. Kim followed Brandon and they moved together to Carbondale, Illinois. Brandon played a season for Southern Illinois before becoming a fourth-round draft choice of the NFL New York Giants in 2005. The couple married in July 2005.



Kim Jacobs has a Masters degree in early childhood development. She wants to open a daycare center when Brandon retires from the NFL. When Brandon was asked what he planned to do after his retirement, Kim interrupted. “He’s going to be the activities coordinator at the daycare,” she said with a smile. He rolled his eyes.


The couple has a son together, Brayden Jacobs, born February 27th, 2007.


Peep the video below of  Brandon kissing his wife Kim and baby boy Braylen after a game. Kim is the woman on the right wearing the blue number 27 jersey.

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  1. just because he comes from black women doesnt mean he is forced to date a black woman or that black women are entitled to him! smh you guys needs to check your racist heads! and also not many black atletes in the nfl are with a white women! most of them are with black women. Stop being racist.

    his woman also dress apropriate and isnt a groupie. he loves her thats the only thing thats matters

  2. Did you ever think that maybe she isn’t a pain in the ass and she takes very good care of his “needs”? Maybe you guys need to try getting married and see how that works out for you…

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