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Antonio McDyess’ Wife Liara Williams






Meet Liara Williams, wife of NBA star Antonio McDyess. On July 30th, 2007, Liara married her long time boyfriend Antonio in a private ceremony held in Santa Barbara, California before traveling to an exclusive island resort in Cuixmala, Mexico. The pair were accompanied by 60 family members and friends on the island.

The couple has no children together, but Antonio has a nine year old son, Artavious McDyess from a previous relationship. When talking about his wife and son, Antonio says, I’m happy they are in my life. I’m lucky to have them with me and me to be with them”.

Currently, Liara is a writer and Antonio plays for the NBA San Antonio Spurs.


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19 thoughts on “Antonio McDyess’ Wife Liara Williams

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  2. Wow the great guy with a special glow. He has met his match. She’s beutiful he’s beutiful what more can you ask for. Congrats to you McDyess

  3. WOW.. Whenever u see inmature comments like sum of u are.. we know right away u are very young and silly..Anyone with a brain.. knows MCDYESS is such a handsome man.Tall, dark.. beautiful smile for dayz..If I wasnt married..I would have sure tried to vie for him…They make a beautiful couple..

  4. Oh my god I knew Liara in Elementary and Junior high! LOL
    She was always so sweet. Liara still looks exactly the same. Love her natural do!
    Congratulations Liara and Antonio!

  5. I think she is beautiful. Again to the comments, this is another reason these guys think they need some trophy wife who would never be with them if the didn’t have money…..

  6. @Christine
    That was really uncalled for… If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    I think she looks pretty and happy. I wish them the best.

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