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Earlier this week, Tyrese Gibson along with his co-star Ludacris, stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote their new movie “Fate of the Furious” and to clear up confusion surrounding his recent comments about women wearing weaves and fake body parts. Gibson also talked about his wife Samantha Gibson’s ethnicity.


Here’s a few snippets below on what Tyrese had to say in the interview …

On being attacked on social media over his “fake weaves and body parts” post:

“Black women didn’t attack me man, I got comments from everybody,” said Tyrese. “I talked about a conversation where I noticed women ripping men alive and I walked away from that saying, ‘We as men notice way more than you think we do.’ This is not remotely related to black women.[…]

There is no way I’m supposed to believe that a leg that skinny goes up to an a** that big. I’m just letting you know we notice more than we think we do—just don’t go too far because it gets into a level of buffoonery and it’s just crazy.

I never attacked women with weave, I’ve dated women that get assistance. […] I would never alienate my own fan base, I’m not stupid. My momma’s black, most of my sisters wear hair and makeup, my wife wears makeup, she wears lashes.”

On his dating preference:

“This may not matter to most—but I have never dated a white woman in my life,” said Tyrese. “I’ve never been with a latina woman, I’ve never been with an asian woman […] My personal preference is black women, I may go super bright, I may go caramel complected. You know what’s crazy? I never officially dated her but I was having out for a nice minute with V Bozeman. Bro, they went crazy, called her every name in the book!”‘

On his wife Samantha Gibson’s ethnicity:

“I put up #MyBlackQueen because I didn’t wanna be another person that they pinged as a black man that’s been supported by black women and then jumped ship,” said Tyrese. “I was actually very proud to write #MyBlackQueen because her [ethnicity] test came back as 46% black. I was like, ‘Yes!’ She’s mixed with other things of course and I’m proud of her multiethnicity.”


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