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Former NFL Star Warren Moon Denies S#xually Harassing His Ex-Assistant Wendy Haskell: “She Needs To Pay My Legal Bills!” (Video)

TheBallerLife.com has learned that former NFL star Warren Moon is denying allegations that he s*xually harassed his former assistant, Wendy Haskell. Moon, 61, is now demanding that Haskell be ordered to pay his legal bills.


The Jasmine Brand reports:

Last month, Moon went to court and denied each allegation of wrongdoing in the complaint. He says that the reason that Haskell was demoted, was due to legitimate, non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory business reasons.

In his response to the lawsuit, he claims that Haskell did not exhaust all remedies available to her at Sports 1. Moon accuses Haskell of engaging in conduct and actions that caused any of her alleged injuries. He also says she waived her right to sue him based on her own behavior.

Haskell was responsible for traveling with him weekly for speaking appearances, charity events and other personal appearances. In her suit, she claims that while employed by Moon, he would require her to stay in his hotel room and sleep in his bed during business trips. She also said that he required her to wear “skimpy thong lingerie bottoms” during their overnight trips.

Haskell says that she objected to Moon’s requests. However, he told her that his former assistant had no
problem with his requests and that she had to comply. She also reveals an alleged incident where Moon committed sexual battery against her. She says that during a trip to Seattle, her boss grabbed her crotch. She claims that during a separate trip, Moon put a drug in her drink and at one point pulled off her bathing suit. She says that she did complain about Moon’s behavior, but when she did she was demoted.

Warren Moon has been married twice. In 1981, Moon married Felicia Hendricks, whom he had known since they were 16-years-old, In 1994, a former Minnesota Vikings cheerleader accused Moon of s#xually harassing her and the case was settled out of court.

In 1995, Moon was arrested after an incident with his wife at their home. Moon was acquitted after his wife testified that she initiated violence and that he was trying to restrain her. They divorced in 2001.

Warren and Felicia have four children together, including a daughter, Blair, who was a member of Tulane’s women’s volleyball team.

Moon married his second wife, Mandy Ritter, in 2005. Unfortunately, they are no longer together. They have one son together.

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