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Actor Isaiah Mustafa’s Girlfriend Brandi Oglesby (Guy From Old Spice Tv Ad)





Meet Brandi Oglesby, girlfriend of former NFL player turned actor Isaiah Mustafa. Recently, Isaiah gained instant fame in February 2010 as the result of a popular Old Spice TV commercial.

Peep the video below to watch the commercial.

Mustafa played 3 years in the NFL for the Tennessee Oilers (1997), Barcelona Dragons (1998), Oakland Raiders (1999),Cleveland Browns (1999), Seattle Seahawks (2000).

Brandi Oglesby is a professional dancer who lives in Los Angeles California.


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40 thoughts on “Actor Isaiah Mustafa’s Girlfriend Brandi Oglesby (Guy From Old Spice Tv Ad)

  1. Thanks for some other informative website. The place else may I am getting that kind of info written in such a perfect means? I’ve a venture that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.

  2. I’m surprised that Mustafa’s girlfriend (or ex, whatever) is not more attractive, given his own good looks, charm, and minor-celebrity status, but many of the comments here are misguided.

    Several people have claimed that she’s far more attractive in person, which is quite possible, but even if she isn’t, I would argue that he’s with her for reasons other than her race… I wonder how limited the life experiences are of some of the posters here, if they imagine that a black guy like Mustafa could not date a more attractive white woman than this, if that was his specific goal.

    Would a randomly selected white woman be more likely to date a white man than a black man, all other things being equal? Of course, and to pretend otherwise would be foolish. But one has to be oblivious to reality to think that an appealing guy like Mustafa wouldn’t be able to “land” a more attractive white woman than Oglesby if that was his goal. If he were a postal worker, looking as he does and coming across as he does, he could have a hot white girlfriend if he wanted… this isn’t 1911, it’s 2011, after all.

    If a guy is handsome and charismatic, whatever his race, he’s going to do well with women of all races, unless he’s stuck in some unusually racist part of the country, or there’s some other non-racial factor changing the equation. Again, white guys have an advantage, no question, but money and celebrity are not the only things a black guy can have that can erase that advantage… things like good looks and sex appeal work as well.

    Okay I’ve rambled enough… my point is that if Mustafa wanted a certifiably hot white girlfriend in the (vain) hopes of quelling racist discontent from aggrieved Internet haters, he would get one, without much trouble at all. Apparently he likes the woman he’s with, but I seriously doubt that it’s because she’s white. Even if he only dated white women, he’s not with this specific woman because she’s white.

  3. She is hideous…niggas keep sleeping with the offspring of the men who used to hang them from trees….ugly white girls always have a home with weak black men

  4. I personally know this girl and she is MUCH MUCH prettier than these pictures project her to be. She is SUPER HOT and SUPER COOL and a blast to be around! His loss!

  5. Black women are so racist against black men dating white chicks. I agree this chick is hideously ugly, but maybe he’s happy. Maybe you should take a look at your negative hatin asses in the mirror. If you re-focused all that energy you could be as happy as these two.

  6. I think you defensive folks are oversimplifying the matter. Black men are twice as likely to marry outside of their race than the women, even though the women outnumber the men. White women are uphed throughout history as prizes, and black women regarded as mules. This goes double if the man is successful or even IN a college. I am sure lots of lovely sisters admired Isaiah, but men like him, especially athletes, enjoy their privilege and status starting on campus and into the professional world. I can tell you from a personal and professional standpoint that the so-caled attitudes of Black women are shared and even eclipsed by their white and hispanic counterparts. It’s a shame, but Isaiah, Chad “Ochocinco” (Johnson), Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan have been bamboozled, and think they’ve “earned” whiteness, and transcended Blackness. They’ll find out like O.J., though. To Isaiah, the least you could’ve done was make us jealous… just any ole white woman will do, huh? (Damn shame)!

  7. “white chics don’t think they “own” all hot, successful white men…….”-Whitegirl

    Um, Why would White women have to act like they ‘own’ White men? This country, heck the entire post-Colonized world has held up White beauty as a standard for hundreds of years. So the point you are trying to create is not only ridiculous, its a tad bit sad. How could you not understand that relating THAT history, to Blacks collectively making up 12% of the current US population, but having its men account for HALF of the US prison system is NOT EQUAL GROUND? The sheer #s alone would skew your argument, not to mention the societal implications.

    Hey, Im all for dating who you want, because it’s silly to expect people to ONLY connect with others who look like them. But I dare say, if 85% of Hockey Players were married to nappy haired, Dark Skinned Black women–there would be more than a few raised eyebrows.

  8. To Voice of Reason:

    I didnt realize that anyone had responded to me 2 months ago! But anyway, regarding their failed marriage, I wont/dont pretend to know the details. Like I said, my comments in that respect are based on the few times Mustafa has ever spoken in any detail about his relationship with Oglesbe.

    Marriage break-ups are always terrible, and having no ties to any of the parties involved, I’ll opt to take the “3 Sides To Every Story” route and not claim any authority on the matter, any which way.

    Frankly, the primary issue that motivated me to comment at all was the deeply problematic generalizations made about factors motivating interracial relationships throughout the comment section.

  9. His ex-wife is much prettier, and it was this one that caused the divorce. She persued him, that’s a laugh. It just took him a while to admit it to his wife then filed for divorce.

  10. A few points:

    (1) It’s weird to only discover this page now, because sadly, they are now no longer together.

    (2) Christ, the assessments of race issues up in here were lazy/tacky as hell.

    As a black, often single women, I FULLY get the painful impact of self-hatred driven inter-racial courtship among black men. There’s no doubt this is a real phenomenon.

    HOWEVER. Understanding this trend does NOT require generalizing ALL interracial couples, and does NOT require singling out specific couples based on unsubstantiated cyber-armchair psychiatry. This should only happen if it’s CONFIRMED that the courtship is based on self-hatred.

    And there’s no indication that this was the case with Mustafa/Oglesbee (for the record in the few times he’s publicly spoke of her, he indicates that it was she who spent some time pursuing him, and that it took him a while to even reciprocate). Implying that he supposedly hates black women with no back up is unfair/idiotic/tacky as shit.

    So STOP misappropriating serious issues affecting black women to make ignorant-ass “assessments” and stupid assumptions on the internet. God knows we already have ENOUGH things *actually* misappropriated from us as it is.

    (3) I also see a few comments up in here of apparently white people talking about their interracial relationships like it’s their “I’m Not Racist” street cred card. Yeah, that shit’s just as obnoxious, too, just so you know. You’re *SO* not getting a pass for ultimately out-ignorant’ing other stupid comments.

    Clean up your act, people, DAMN.

  11. She’s not even a pretty white girl!!! she looks like a retired soccer mom. Daym seriously he can do much better come on he’s the Old Spice guy HOT chicks are all over him

  12. I bet she has a great ass!

    A really great ass makes up for a lack of facial features (cuz you ain’t going to be looking at a girl with a great ass eye to eye anyway…if you get my drift….Hit it, and don’t quit it….Yeeeahhh!

  13. No, I guess she doesn’t have the prettiest face but, I can tell, if she’s a professional dancer, she has a killer body. All pro dancers have great bodies.

  14. Kelly’s comment made me laugh out loud! WG, it does not matter the race of your man, if you have been together 10 years with no ring or marriage license, He Is Just Not That Into You (read the book, skip the movie). Black Women & Asian Men are the two gender/racial groups least likely to be married in America. Go outside on any day in any major city in America and walk around the mall or go to the popular park and look at the couples on an average day that reason will become obvious. We must not forget what being White represents to the world. For a Black man to be with a White woman, it is an ego booster, no matter how uneducated, unattractive, obese, or abusive that man or woman may be in the pairing, it is the representation that keeps the 70% of the interracial marriages of Black Men & White Women rising each year. Black women accept it, move on, and start dating and marrying outside the race just like Black men. Plus, when you do get a Black man, since Black women outnumber Black men in America anyway, you will have a difficult time fending off the women with all the cheaters out there. Unless he is like Tiger Woods, then he will find a whole bunch of White women to cheat with. Anyway, my point is, research at the historical context of white women and black men to see the correlation to today’s prevalence in the media and in real life.

  15. wow…have to agree with those who commented on how vile and nasty some of the comments are. and so what if he’s dating a white girl?! it seems racism takes all forms…especially on this forum. wow.

  16. My experience in the 10 years I’ve been dating my black bf……….nobody gives us grief (snide comments, eye rolls, etc) like jealous black girls. I guess I just don’t get it; white chics don’t think they “own” all hot, successful white men…….

  17. Some of you people are absolutely disgusting!!! She has been his girlfriend for years and has loved and supported him way before he was famous. What’s amazing is that he realizes HE’s the lucky one to have HER. That’s what makes them an incredible couple.

    You people wish you had someone who loved you like that but instead your bunch of losers that are bored and sit in your lonely computers writing hateful messages. Bunch of haters… losers crack me up!

  18. well iknow isiah from moorpark college we played on the same jr college team together and i always thought he was either gay or metro sexual he didnt hang out with none of the guys on the team when we went out but he was a good reciever dont know what happened that he didnt make a splash in arizona st as for his girl well i dont think shes that pretty but then beuaty is in the eye of the beholder….

  19. Wow…. I am a white man – dating a black woman and she is lovely. I would hate to think that people white or otherwise would say such vivious things about her because she is black. Your venom is quite disturbing – the young woman he is with is beautiful and he is a handsome man – I am sure he would never date you – if he had to base it soley on your personalities as they are quite vile.

  20. LMFAO! You guys are just seriously hating I actually grew up with her and she is an AMAZING girl. She is a wonderful person who is funny and has a kick ass body. They are in love with each other. So stop hating because YOUR not his girlfriend. He would never even look your way if that’s the kind of attitude you have.

  21. “i wish he had a young gorgeousssss coloured girl as his sweetheart —look at your woman now look at me now back at her now LOOK AT ME ———- hehehe
    i love u isaiah!!! have a good life!”

    You foolish girl. Why would he want someone as racist and superficial as you?

  22. I saw them in Los Vegas not too long. She is really cute and is tall and skinny. She has a ballerina’s body. Don’t know how someone thinks she’s fat, unless that person is an anorexic that needs to go to the hospital.

    Anyway, she’s been with him for a long time from what I’ve been told. So, she loved him before he was famous. You all only like him because he’s famous now. Now, that’s superficial!

  23. Judging by some of their comments, I just can’t understand why some Black men don’t date women of color??

    My guess? Some would rather be with an “ugly” but loving woman instead of a “beautiful” but hateful sistah.

    Just sayin’.

  24. oh no what a let down to see his gf –she is old and ugly and white hahaha
    i wish he had a young gorgeousssss coloured girl as his sweetheart —look at your woman now look at me now back at her now LOOK AT ME ———- hehehe
    i love u isaiah!!! have a good life!

  25. She is a beautiful lady and it doesn’t matter the color of her skin. Hopefully their love is real and it lasts forever. I am a romantic at heart and I don’t care who people fall in love with.

  26. Yes I do believe people can date whom ever they choose to date but black men choose the ugliest white women they can find just to say that they have a white women. They have no standards when it comes to white women. Black men complain about black women being whores when some of them where dancing on (bet) but yet they marry and date white females like Kendra, Kim K, and this young lady who dance and strip and have pornograpic video tapes. They have double standards!!!!! White females can be whores, plastic surgery queens,and ugly and the finest black man with money will love her JUST BECAUSE SHE’S WHITE. I’ll never forget this guy I was dating kept complaining about the 15 pounds I had gained over the winter. He said he didn’t like fat women. I looked in his porno collection and he had a tape of a big fat white women bending over and getting you know what done to her. I confronted him and he was speechless. I swear the women on that tape looked just like susan Boil from that talent show.

  27. Who are you all to judge the guy for who he loves, whether she is black, white, Asian, or whatever? You’re not dating her; HE is. And if he is dating her, then I bet he thinks she’s beautiful, and a great person.

    In other news: awww, that last picture is so cute. 🙂

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