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NFL Baller Reuben Foster’s Ex-Girlfriend Elissa Ennis Testifies In Court On How She Lied About Him Hitting Her, Her Plan To Extort Him For Money And F-Up His Career..Plus Admits To Stealing $8,000 From Him! (Video)

Earlier today, NFL baller Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis testified in court about how she lied to police about him beating her, her plan to extort him for money and “F-Up” his football career and how she was going to drain his bank accounts with stolen account numbers after she put him in jail.


The New York Post reports:

The domestic violence case against 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster took a dramatic turn Thursday afternoon when Foster’s accuser, ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, said she fabricated the story she told authorities in February — of Foster hitting her and dragging her down stairs — as part of a “money scheme.”

“I wanted to sue Reuben,” Ennis said under oath. “It was a money scheme. It was all about money. I wanted to get him.”

“I really wanted to kill him,” she added. “I was so hurt.”

Ennis said she became visibly upset the morning Foster said he wanted to break up with her and that she chased after him with threats as he tried to run away from her.

“I told him I’m about to f–k yo s–t up, make sure you don’t have a job tomorrow,” she said, as reported by The Athletic.

Ennis said she made three 911 calls, two of which she hung up before getting an answer, and ultimately flagged down someone riding by to call the police on her behalf. The passerby who made the call reportedly testified that he remembered Ennis looking “very calm” and without injuries.

Ennis later admitted to falsely accusing a former boyfriend of assault in 2011, for which she said she went to jail, according to the website.

Ennis, 28, said she plans to enter a clinic to get help for herself once the case is closed.

Ennis left the courthouse in tears and refused answer the media’s questions.

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